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WT808T/R Tour Guide System, Group Tour, Tour Guide, Travel Guide System
WT- 808T / WT- 808R 

The Meicheng WT-808T/R Wireless Tour Guide System offers clear, reliable communication without acoustic interference. Tour guide System provides tourist native speech when they are visiting museum, art museum, gallery, technology center or outdoor scenery. It is designed so a guide can speak at a normal conversational level and be understood by an entire group even in high noise environments.

With the Meicheng Sound Tour Guide System
Your tour guide wears the compact, body-pack T16 transmitter and collar-clamps hi-quality microphone. Listeners use portable receivers and hang-type earphone to hear every word clearly and easily, even in the back of the group. The portable, wireless listening system is easy to set up and use. No installation is required.
Multichannel Capabilities

Multiple transmission frequencies allow several tours to be given simultaneously and in several languages. Using an RF technology-driven tour guide system, guides conducting tours simultaneously may stand side-by-side and speak independently in different languages, with no cross-channel interference.

Clear Reliable Communication
Without acoustic interference. Ambient noise has a pronounced negative effect. Examples include machinery noise in workshops, traffic noise around famous sites, echoes and strong outdoor winds. A tour guide system that utilizes radio frequency (RF) technology offers the most flexible, effective approach with the greatest possible transmission reliability between the transmitter and receiver(s).
Simple Handling
Easy operation - The tour guide system should be user-friendly and easy to transport. The system should provide compact storage for all components and convenient charging of multiple receivers. Look for a system that can be easily unpacked and allows for quick distribution and frequency coordination of the receivers with the transmitter.
Economical Powering

To minimize operating costs, look for a receiver that utilizes rechargeable batteries instead of alkaline batteries. The rechargeable batteries should offer quick charging capabilities and at least 6-8 hours of operating time per charge. The transmitter should offer either rechargeable or alkaline battery operation. When transmitter use is minimal, alkaline batteries may prove more economical as they do not require a separate recharging unit.
We want you to feel confident that you are getting the highest value for your investment.

WT- 808T / R

WT-808T with hidden electric condenser microphone or you can use lapel microphone. WT-808R with hidden super thin speaker, could be applied without earphone conditions.
Match with dual slots charging stand HDC-808 or 36 slots portable charging HDC-36, easy to recharge battery, no need to buy additional batteries.
Match with Tour Guide TG-3, can make the system smarter.

TG-3 Self-Service Audioguide
Tour Guide TG-3 is the main way for speech guide to use it in museum, gallery, art museum, or outdoor scenery. To use TG-3, you can be your own masters. You can press the number buttons of what you want to realize.

TG-3 can be used for multi-language, and used for everyone, especially for museum. TG-3 can transmit knowledge / information to different level’s people for public education to save the massive manpower and material resources.
You can just press number keys and play button and then listen to what you want.

Oscillation mode
PLL synthesized control OSC.
Carrier frequency range
UHF 740 ~ 865MHz
+/-75KHz , with level limiting
Dynamic range
> 80dB
S/N ratio
> 100dB
< 2%
Tone key and noise lock dual-squelch
Frequency Response
100Hz ~ 12kHz @AUX
Power supply
1.2V*2 AA type NI-MH rechargable battery or DC IN 5V (with 2.5 mm jack )
1 year except drives
Antenna Built-in loop antenna
Receiving Mode PLL single-channel receiving
Sensitivity 2uV (at 20dB SINAD)
Image rejection 55dB
Earphone output 3.5mm plug earphone
Audio output 0.5W ( Built in speaker )
AUX OUT 3.5mm Aux Output Jack
Battery 1.2V*2 AA type Ni-MH rechargeable battery or DC IN 5V (with 2.5 mm jack )
Dimensions (DxWxH) 98 x 66 x 27mm
Weight with battery: 98 g
Antenna Built-in loop antenna .
Built -in Mic condenser microphone
MIC Jack 3.5mm MIC Input Jack
AUX IN 3.5mm AUX Input Jack
RF output 10mW (according to regulation)
C/N Ratio > 110dB
Spurious < - 60dBc
Battery 1.2V*2 AA type Ni-MH rechargeable battery or DC IN 5V (with 2.5 mm jack )
Dimensions (LxWxH): 98 x 66 x 27mm
Weight with battery: 80 g
Application :
Shipping Information
Packing dimension
Packing weight
15(W) x 1.5(H) x 16(D) cm
Carton dimension (4 pack)
Carton weight
(W) x (H) x (D) cm

ENG application :

HDC-36 Charging Suitcase
Number of charging compartments : 36 (receiver or transmitter)
Power requirements : 100V ~ 240V AC adaptor 12V, DC 7A
Indicator lights LED green : battery ready
LED red : recharging
Charging current : 300 ~ 330 mA
Charging time Ni-MH (1300 mAH) : 5 ~ 6 hours
  : PWM control, TIMER power-off detector
Dimensions (DxWxH) : 87 x 37 x 20.5 cm
Weight : 9.6 kg

Global mutual names of the Meicheng WT-808T/R system are Group Tour, Tour Guide, Travel Guide System, Gruppenführungen, Führungen für Gruppen, Spielraum-Führer, Audiophone, Audioguidage, Sistemi radio per gruppi, Visite Guidate di Gruppo, Guidate di Gruppo, Radioguía para grupo, Guía Turístico, Guía del Recorrido, Grup turu Rehberliği, etc.
HDC-36 WT-808