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TG-01 GPS Audio System, Sightseeing Bus System
TG-01 GPS-Audio-System
Newest GPS technology, automatic, easy, safe .
Support save multi-routes audio, also have two route direction, each direction can save many stations, more convenient to let one bus have multi-routes
Support 2.4 inch TFT LCD Screen;Use DC 10~32V input power.
Professional Application Software, allow customers to edit audio on PC easily.
Set one demo on device, simply copy files to other devices
Copy files through USB/SD CARD and USB data auto check/update.
Each station support adding up to 5 groups of audio files, every group can lock/unlock separately to add in audio files.
NEW 5HZ GPS technology, more sensitive, more steadily.
Support up to 15W D-class speaker inside and outside of the bus, best audio quality.
Support playing audio at AM, PM time, for example: auto announce some advertisement at 12AM.Can insert services term, advertisement in the station audio.
Support KML file export, user can check and test the coordinates via Google Earth and Google Map. Can be Google Earth and Google Maps to identify and display.
Use MEICHENG company unique vector mathematical comparison algorithm.
Support GPS signal information display, user can check the signal status at any time.
The distance of get in/out station in every station can be set freely.
Automatic recognize north to south and south to north directions, Auto Announce the stations, auto stop the audio once it exceed the station.
Support up to 15W D-class speaker inside and outside of the bus ,best audio quality.

Storage 256M~32G Extend (Standard 4G)
Route Quantity Unlimited(Based on internal memory)
Station Quantity
Unlimited(Based on internal memory)
Station announce algorithm Unique Vector mathematical comparison algorithm
LCD/Voltage 2.4 inch TFT LCD/DC 10~32V
Static Current/
MAX Current
≦ 200mA/≦ 3A
Accuracy ≦10m
-10℃~ 60℃/20%~80%
Support Languages Traditional / Simplify Chinese, English(Customization Languages Support)
Devise Dimension/Packing Dimension/Weight
120(L) X 69(W) X 25(H) mm/150(L) X 75(W) X 72(H) mm/380g