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Tour Guide TG-3
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Audio Tour Guide TG-3

Open new worlds to the visitors with our advanced Meicheng MP3 Audio Guides. The role of audio guide is helping you achieve a memorable and exciting audio tour. Meicheng provides whatever level of service you need-script development, interviews, translations, music and sound effects.

TG-3 provides special information on history, archaeology, monuments and works of art, the environment, culture, natural and built attractions, places of interest and any general matters of interest to the visitor.
We work to strike the appropriate balance between education and entertainment to create captivating audio tours.

Multiple Languages

Tour guide provides good quality of speech and provides the ability to interpret in many languages.Users can randomly choose what language they want.Tour guide provides tourist native speech when they are visiting museum, art museum, gallery, technology center or outdoor scenery. Audio tours provide the visitors with substantial amount of information on hundreds of exhibits in several languages.
The comments are available in the languages which you consider it convenient to offer to your visitors. Each device can contain up to 35 hours of commentary, divided among the various languages you would like to provide your visitors. The contents and the nature of the comments can be defined and recorded by your care or our specialized partners. The content of the portable audio guide is, therefore, easily modified at any moment and eliminates additional costs. TG-3 has accumulated experience of having produced contents in 5 languages.

Full Range of Information 

There are thousands of messages on single player. Allow the visitors to hear what they want to hear, when they want to hear it. Listen to audio messages in any order you choose, in any gallery, and at any pace with which you are comfortable.
It includes the computer interface (USB2.0) which enables downloading the sound content to the audio guide.

Keypad Control
Portable audio guide makes it easy for you to share a story any time, in any language. Meicheng uses speech synthesis platform to produce the message. Install the message and serial numbers into the machine. Visitors can use their audio guides in any time to randomly access information using the numeric keypad. Visitors can easily adjust the volume, pause or repeat information they would like to hear again. Press the numbers on the wand corresponding with the various points of interest you encounter.
In a random-access environment, visitors choose their own paths, or may skip some stops altogether, this allows visitors to control the narrative. A popular structure of a random access tour is to keep the first layer of information short and concise, while offering visitors the opportunity to hear more about a particular subject if they wish.
Customer Service

When you have any opinions about the service, you can push the complaining button to record your opinions.

Non-Linear and Self-Paced Exhibition Viewing
Audio tour guide can use at the museum, gallery, art museum, or outdoor scenery. With outdoor sound post system, TG-3 can be a rain or shine story teller. To push buttons or keypad can start messages. Listeners use tour guide and lightweight headphones to hear every word clearly and easily. It has 12 hours of play time. Self guided tour transmits the needs and interests of different audiences and provide an educationally, emotionally rich and entertaining experience.
High Quality Sound

TG-3 can also be worn with a shoulder, neck or wrist strap and with headphones, to give the visitor easy hands-free listening. Combining convenience and ease of use with excellent sound quality, our systems will provide your visitors with an enlightening experience through intuitive controls and high-quality audio. The high quality audio headphones fit all age groups comfortably.

Audio tours make it easy for you to share a story in any time, any language. Experience your own tour with the latest in digital MP3 technology.

Key Features

01. To use the technique of speech synthesis and decode.
02. The function of recording tourist's complaining.
03. It provides lots of languages for tourist.
04. To hear what you want to hear, when you want to hear it.
05. You can choose earphone, amplifier or match with body pack transmitter WT-480T.
06. TG-3 is designed as a mobile phone, you can control it easily.
07. The machine will be off automatically for power saving, you can have long play time.
08. To pick up and carry it's easy whether you use it indoors or outdoors.
09. The quality of speech is superior to traditional equipment by the technology of PHILP chips.
10. Renew the message and gain the complaining information by USB.
11. LCD screen shows the serial numbers and journey of the view.
12. The durable, lightweight wireless receiver is designed with ease of use in mind,
12. giving visitors total control over your audio experience.

Display: LCD128*64
Format: MP3
Rate: 8Kb/s~320Kb/s
Storage: FLASH chips
Capacity: 35 hours
Commentaries: 9999 messages
Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz
Play mode: forward/rewind, randomly choose
Play style: single earpiece, amplifier or match with body pack transmitter WT-480T
The content of display: volume, numbers, exhibition, language, surplus time
Keyboard: digital keypad, including 10 number keys and 7 control buttons
Control keys: play/pause, forward/rewind, clear, complaining, volume up and down, language selection
Renew: USB2.0
Power requirements: Zinc-Mn No.4 or rechargeable battery
Volume control tune: diversified choices
Gauge: Ø2.5mm
Accessory: single earpiece

The Meicheng WT-480T/R

Wireless Tour Guide System offers clear, reliable communication without acoustic interference.  Tour Guide System provides tourist native speech when they are visiting museum, art museum, gallery, technology center or outdoor scenery. It is designed so a guide can speak at a normal conversational level and be understood by an entire group even in high noise environments.

Multiple transmission frequencies allow several tours to be given simultaneously and in several languages. Using an RF technology-driven tour guide system, guides conducting tours simultaneously may stand side-by-side and speak independently in different languages, with no cross-channel interference.
Global mutual names of the Meicheng TG-3 Tour Guide are Audio Guide, Audio Tour, Reiseführer, Stadtführung, Audio Führer, Guide Audio, Excursion Audio, Guide Touristique, Audio Guida, Guida Turistica, Audioguía, Guía Turístico, Guía Audio, Audio Rehberler, etc.